Haunted History Trail

Was that a slight breeze at the back of your neck, or did a spirit let you know they were present? Ghosts and aliens never go on holiday. Our haunted sites are open throughout the year and all have been verified by paranormal experts.

Laurel Grove Cemetery

Stroll the carriage road to Tri-State Rock where three states come together and two rivers converge. Try to ignore the unexplained crashing sounds and the woman dressed in a flowing white gown who suddenly appears from behind a mausoleum. Even the local constabulary can't explain the odd goings-on at this hallowed place. Port Jervis. 845-858-4000, ext 4029, www.portjervisny.com

Museum Village

With her calico dress flapping, the little girl running across the village green disappears before your eyes. Regularly scheduled ghost tours can introduce you to a host of spirits who dwell in the creaky old buildings. Even the founder of the museum visits regularly even though he has been dead for years. Monroe. 845-782-8247, www.museumvillage.org

Silvio's Italian Villa

Built in the late 1700s by a Revolutionary War veteran, ghostly shapes, unexplained footsteps, eerie sounds, and disappearing items are commonplace in this popular restaurant. Have a fine Italian dinner at Table 24 if you dare. It's where one of the previous residents sat down and took his own life. Warwick. 845-987-1500

Village of Pine Bush

As the UFO Capital of the East Coast, true believers have been flocking to this little village since the early 1960s. Strange lights are seen in the woods, and glowing circular objects hover above the town, only to quickly disappear. Serious visitors need only ask the locals for the latest sightings and where to see them year-round. 845-744-8230

Hunt with Holzer

Specializing in ghost investigations using the Holzer Method from pioneer Parapsychologist and researcher Dr. Hans Holzer, the original Ghost Hunter in NBC's hit show, "In Search Of."  Data and evidence are captured with technology and advanced equipment as groups tour places known to have paranormal activity. alexhaunted@gmail.com, www.alexandraholzer.com

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