Gateway to the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway

Gateway to the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway

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Port Jervis, one of Orange County’s three cities, is the southern gateway to the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, Route 97. The 70-mile Scenic Byway drive along the Delaware River includes the well-known “Hawk’s Nest,” a snake-like section of highway featured in many car ads. Enjoy an awesome road trip to Port Jervis and plan to stop at this river city’s unique attractions before embarking on the Scenic Byway.

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From points south, follow Route 6 west from the Palisades Parkway or pick up Route 17 west (Quickway) beginning at Central Valley. Routes 6 and 17 run together from Central Valley to Goshen. Continue west to exit 123, then follow Routes 6 & 17M west for about 5 miles. Make a sharp left at the traffic light to continue on Route 6 for 17 miles. From Route 6, continue on West Main to NY-42N / NY-97N.

Before embarking on the Byway, here are some of the neat places to check out in Port Jervis:

Fort Decker: Revolutionary War site and 18th century historic stone house and museum. Open to the public on the last Saturday of the month from 1 to 4 pm.
127 Main St.

Port Jervis Turntable: This city has a long history as a railroad transportation center and is home to the largest operating locomotive turntable in the U.S.
Pike Street & Underpass

Laurel Grove Cemetery/Tri-States Monument: Extraordinary monuments line the paths of the beautifully landscaped grounds of this historic site. Stroll the path to the Tri-States Rock where one can stand in 3 states at the same time.
East Main Street

Elks-Brox Memorial Park: Capture panoramic views of the city, mountains, Delaware River and Neversink River Valleys. Picnic tables and barbecue grills are available.
Route 97 Westbound

Riverside Creamery: Restored 1950’s ice cream parlor.
5 Water St.

Upfront Exhibition Space: Local artists’ works displayed.
31 Jersey Avenue

Erie Hotel, Restaurant & Tiki Bar: Restored 1890’s building has 10 rooms with Victorian décor, full service restaurant and Tiki bar
9 Jersey Avenue

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